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Temporary Employment

Our business philosophy is that we want to find real solutions for our client customers and for the employees we place. We derive a great deal of satisfaction when we effectively match individuals and client companies, resulting in mutual success.

Temporary employees placed often have a chance to gain employment experience and can bring experience from previous assignments to a firm offering a fresh perspective or idea that a permanent employee might overlook.

Our professionally trained staff is committed to customer and employee satisfaction. What sets Coastal apart is the ability to provide staffing solutions tailored to each client’s needs. We help our clients meet job deadlines, cut overhead and overtime costs, as well as find the right person for that hard to fill position.

At a client’s request we can provide criminal background checks, on and off site drug screens, skills testing and OSHA safety training. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the right person promptly with the skill level requested. We also can help at those times when you need emergency staffing when an employee is out due to illness, or another reason. If you have a special project or rush job and extra staffing is suddenly needed for the short term to complete the task at hand call Coastal Staffing.

Temp to Perm Employment

Temp to perm employment is a great way for employee’s to gain new job skills and often is the path to full time employment with a company. There are numerous companies who will fill positions in this manner and many of the people we place into temp positions go on to a full time job. Many companies today like the “try until you buy” basis to ensure it is a long term beneficial fit for both parties.

Strategic Testing

We offer strategic testing for those skills you are looking for in your next employee.

Administrative Software Skills Financial Healthcare Light Industrial Engineering

OSHA Safety Analysts and Certifications

Within Coastal Staffing Services we have a safety course that allows us to teach, certify and train employees on OSHA standards that apply to each job criter

Safety Training Courses Available

Human Resource Management

In today’s job market HR faces more demands than ever to be effective, and yet flexible enough to address changing organizational structures. We can assist in aligning your HR priorities allowing you the time to stay focused on new business strategies thus helping your company grow in the current changing market.

Filing job positions can be time consuming and expensive with advertising, interviewing, testing and background checks required. Coastal is experienced and has resources in place to do this job for you leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

Payroll Services

Coastal Staffing can offer payroll services once you have chosen a potential employee whether on your own or through our placement agency. If you have an good candidate you believe has the qualities and skills you need, your company can pay him through Coastal Staffing Services for 90 days or more before making him a permanent employee to ensure it is the right fit for both of you.

The other way we can assist you is by doing background checks, a criminal’s records check and drug screening. You have interviewed and hired a person you believe has the qualities and skills you need long-term, but prefer to pay him through Coastal Staffing Service before making him a permanent employee. This saves you in time and money, allowing you the time needed to focus on running your business.

Our payroll services can take the headache of doing taxes, issuing W2s, workers comp coverage and payroll taxes.

Employee Leasing

Once you have made the decision to go into business you want to be successful doing what you know and love doing, this probably does not include handling Human Resource Management, doing payroll, worrying about workers comp and benefits. This is some of the reasons that many business owners choose to use employee leasing. Because a good leasing company will take responsibility for these issues leaving the business owner time to focus on growing the business, and doing what they do best. We take care of ………

In conclusion- employee leasing solutions can help you keep your business competitive and profitable.

Is Employee Leasing Right for You?

Request a consultation today to find out if Employee Leasing is right for your company. Many small to medium sized businesses, who want the time to focus on the business and not be burdened with administrative problems, chose employee leasing.